Melody T.

Goliad, Texas

I can certainly speak for my in-laws and myself that the firm (OSFG) has always been there for us.  They’ve helped our family out with no problems ever for the last 14 years, even offering to make house calls if needed to help with our estate planning, annuities and SMA’s.  They always keep us in the loop and are “A+” in my book – the very best! . . . . . Sincerely, Melody T., Goliad, Texas

Wanda B.

Bellville, Texas

Since 2002 OSFG has been a blessing in helping me find safe secure investments and providing advice.  I have never lost a penny with my Agent, Tony MacKenzie or paid any fees.  They are always there for me providing excellent service.  . . . . . Wanda B., Belville, Texas

Archi & Dani B.

Houston, Texas

Robert Davis of Old Security Financial Group has introduced us to several new fixed income opportunities that offer higher yields but lower risks to meet our current and future income needs. We have purchased one guaranteed immediate annuity and are currently reviewing several market-indexed deferred annuities for our long term retirement needs. Everyone can benefit from a Company like Old Security Financial Group to find the latest innovative opportunities in fixed income investments. We highly recommend them. . . . . . Archi & Dani B., Houston, Texas

Richard & Donna W.


When Donna and I were looking for some investment CDs, Donna came across an ad in the paper about Old Security. The ad was one of the one inch versions of ads. She called to inquire and their response was very timely. This was at the time when CDs were falling through the proverbial floor. Old Security offered us several different investment avenues at rates CDs could not touch. Since that day in 2008, we have continued to invest with Old Security. Old Security provides timely reports and continues to keep us updated on investment strategies and ways of increasing our financial stability.   . . . . . Richard & Donna W., TX

Rod & Carolyn A.

Montgomery, Texas

I have appreciated the professionalism you exhibit while guiding me thru the money investment processes. Beginning in 2009, when we first began, I have benefited from the choices you have recommended and feel confident that the future yields will continue to be well advised and beneficial to us, Thank you. . . . . . Rod & Carolyn A.,  Montgomery, TX

Anna N.

Houston, Texas

Thanks Old Security Financial Group and my Agent, Tony MacKenzie, for helping open my eyes to fixed annuities and SMA’s.  It has really helped fill the gap from low CD rates.  I just wish I would have had these a long time ago.  Since 2008 you have helped me learn a lot and I appreciate it.   . . . . . . Thanks,  Anna N., Houston, TX

Dan and Karen A.


Robert,  Thank you for helping us so much.

My wife and I have been very pleased with the help that we have gotten from Robert at Old Security Financial group.  We have been customers since 2009 and the annuities that we have obtained there have paid far better interest rates that we could find elsewhere.  Our interest is paid monthly, and we have had no problems with the companies that handle our annuities policies.

Robert is always very prompt in notifying us when something needs to be taken care of or when new opportunities come up.  He returns our calls promptly and is always eager to answer questions thoroughly and considers what is best for us.  We’ve become to know Robert as a friend as well as a great financial advisor.

We highly recommend Robert.

Dan and Karen A., Texas